Anheuser Busch InBev “taps” for SAMCOM 2019 Conference

Anheuser Busch InBev “taps” to supply real license plates. Providing old license plates and collectible license plates for use in its annual SAMCOM 2019 Conference in Dallas. is pleased to have been tapped to supply real, old and collectible license plates to Anheuser Busch InBev for use its annual SAMCOM 2019 Conference in Dallas.  This year, the SAMCOM Conference was held from January 28th through January 31st at the Kay Bailey Hutchison (KBH) Conference Center in Dallas.  With over 1 million visitors each year, the KBH Center is one of the largest in the Country.  It sports 1 million square feet, with 3 ballrooms, 88 meeting rooms, a theater that seats 1750 people and an arena that holds 9816 people. 

With the goal of energizing its partners and stakeholders at its annual SAMCOM 2019 Conference, Anheuser Busch InBev hosted its wholesalers, marketing, communication and sales team.  There, they produce, test and present their potential future products and new offerings.  Here, you can see pictures and details about the 2018 SAMCOM Conference in Dallas and the 2016 SAMCOM conference in New Orleans.  It is also an opportunity to interactively present its business strategy for the upcoming year.

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A key part of this total experience is presenting an “immersion” experience for those attending.  This immersion brings their brands to life in various created settings within the KBH Center. The use of vintage license plates in their displays enables a realistic elements. This is how Anheuser Bush InBev’s products may be served in a bar and restaurant setting across the Country or in the World.

We have a huge amount of automobile license plates, with over 20,000 vintage plates, used plates, expired plates, antique plates, and collectible license plates for sale. Shop License Plates is a leading provider of these authentic license plates from the USA, Canada, Mexico, and around the world.  We supply license plates to movie production companies, antique, vintage and classic car collectors, to arts & crafts folks, and to bars & restaurants. 

Anheuser Busch InBev Headquarters also happens to be in St. Louis, Missouri! We were able to hand-deliver the package of genuine license plates that they selected for display, which meant no cost for shipping!  A winning combination indeed.

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