Collecting license plates has become quite a popular hobby. It is perfect for people with diverse interests.  Individuals from history buffs, to artists to car enthusiasts all participate. You can imagine how the collections of people with unique interests could be very different. While this is true, each of their collections contain some very special plates.

Collectors are always on the hunt for that “perfect” plate. It may be one that has a special meaning, represents a specific time or place, or perhaps even completes a segment of a collection. When looking to obtain collectible plates it is critical to work with  reputable dealers. You want to be certain that the plates you purchase are authentic, not reproductions. An honest dealer will clearly label all plates for sale in his or her collection.  

Authentic plates should be presented as such. Collectible plates have value; you want to get what you pay for. Additionally, license plate dealers should identify if plates have been altered or enhanced in any way, even if they themselves were not responsible for the work.  Finally, understand reproduction plates are often highly desirable. As long as the buyer is aware, these plates make excellent additions to many collections.

The beauty of license plates is that they are representative of so many different things. If you are a collector consider plates from:

The United States: Plates from all 50 states are available; imagine amassing a collection representative of our entire nation.

Time Periods: License plates have been around for decades. Consider identifying collectible plates from certain time periods. You can build your collection around specific years.

Vehicles: So many people hear the term license plate and immediately think automobile. However, license plates were used on so many other vehicles. Motorcycles, trailers and trucks are all required to sport them.

Special Plates: Today, most plates are issued by Divisions of Motor Vehicles in each of the 50 states.  That said, some plates are from the armed services. And, certain Native American reservations still issue their own plates.  Finally, the U.S. government also issues plates for Federal vehicles and for diplomats.  

In short, collect with care.  While locating that “perfect plate” is incredibly  satisfying, building is collection is educational, exciting and so much fun! has a proven history as a reputable supplier of quality license plates to collectors and enthusiasts in the United States and world wide. Their extensive inventory and commitment to high quality customer services has made them the go-to site for clients around the world..  Visit our site, take a look at our awesome inventory and contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to becoming an integral partner as you build and manage your license plate collection.