If you are a license plate collector, you likely find old plates extremely attractive. They are from a time gone by and represent so much. We sell the broadest array of plates.  Our inventory includes old plates from:

United States Licence Plates for Sale

All 50 states, from Alabama to Wyoming, are represented on our site. The first state to officially issue license plates was Massachusetts, back in 1903.  However, New York required vehicles to have them in 1901. Search our selection by state and enjoy the broad range of plates we have for sale.

Mexico Plates for Sale

With over 30 plates in stock from Mexico, our oldest dates back almost 50 years (to 1970). If your collection includes items from Mexico, or you would like it to, check out what we have to offer.


Canada Plates for Sale

Our inventory includes license plates from many of Canada’s 10 provinces and the Northwest Territories.  The oldest currently we currently stock is a 1934 plate from Ontario. If old license plates from Canada would help complete your collection, take a look at our selection.

Island Nations Plates for Sale

Plates from the Caribbean Islands, especially older ones, are often popular among collectors. We stock a broad variety. We are incredibly proud to currently have a hard to find and rare 1965 Manila Philippines Christianization’s 4th Centennial license plate in our collection which also includes 130 plates from Aruba, American Samoa, Cayman Islands, Guam, Korror, Okinawa, Palau, St. Maarten, and the US Virgin Islands.

Other Countries - Plates for Sale

Additionally, selection is comprised of old license plates from around the world.  Countries represented include, but are not limited to, Germany, New Zealand and Spain.  We have real old license plates from Belize, Guatemala, Venezuela, Canal Zone, Panama, and Switzerland. A rare license plate among this group includes the 1937 to 1945 Hesse (Hessen) Germany # 126-867. This a rare WWII era issue.

To make shopping on our site more user friendly, plates from each geographic area are displayed in age order, from oldest to most recent. This way, you can identify exactly the plate you desire.

We are proud of our inventory and all that it represents. We are truly the ultimate collectors and appreciate all of the plates we possess.  Our goal is to have a virtual online warehouse of vintage and collectible old license plates for all to select from. If you are looking for a specific plate and do not see it on our site, please contact us. We would be happy to work with you to help locate it.