Without a doubt, license plate collecting has become more prevalent, both in the United States and around the world. Plates are often a representation of art and history, representing times and places in the past.

When many people think about license plates, their minds immediately reference automobiles.  After all, that is where the majority of license plates are found. That said, collectors today have expanded their interests beyond simply cars; many have added plates from trucks, trailers and semis to their collections.

The variety of plates available for these larger vehicles is considerable. In fact, you may want to establish a separate collection, or at least segment a portion of your collection to include these interesting and informative plates. Different states and countries have specific requirements for these vehicles, making their plates interesting and unique additions to your collection.  Additionally, most truck plates come in pairs, and many display specific characteristics that indicate the vehicle on which they were used. 

Depending upon the structure of your collection, adding plates from trucks, trailers and semis may be an excellent way to expand. Plates for these vehicles are available from all states and several countries. They are as representative of times and places as those plates that were once assigned to cars. 

In short, it may be fun to expand your license plate collection to include a variety of vehicles, including trucks and trailers. That said, when adding plates it is important to work with reputable dealers and suppliers. Always look for those with a reputation for honesty and quality. They should have a history of positive reviews. 

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