We are Antique License Plate Dealers.  Enjoy browsing through our Virtual Warehouse of Used and Expired License Plates.  We have Thousands of real, GENUINE, authentic, old, collectible and vintage license plates for sale from the United States, Canada, International World license plates from Other Countries, MEXICO, ISLAND NATIONS, and license plates in bulk.  We also have historic Missouri City license plates for your viewing, which can also be seen on our not-for-profit website  We offer license plates pairs, recent graphic license plates, old license plates, and hard to find varieties. We have car, truck, motorcycle, moped, trailer, recreational vehicle, dealer, in-transit, semi, municipal, official, and other varieties. We have license plates for year of manufacture, otherwise called a YOM application too. Of course, vintage license plates are to be found as well as a lot of varieties of specialty license plate types, from boat trailer, logging truck, school bus, fleet vehicle, antique, veteran, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, firefighter, pioneer, environmental, vanity, metro, depot, and others. Our website slogan is “great plates, prices and service”. 

We have a reputation for issuing refunds if someone overpays for shipping.  At ShopLicensePlates, we do not charge for "handling".  Many other sites and sellers tend to slip these into their shipping rates.  So many times, and especially on auction web sites, sellers will advertise a low price to generate bids.  But if you read the fine print carefully, you then discover that they have made up for this by overcharging for "handling".  Over the years many customers have been pleasantly surprised when I've contacted them to let them know that we're issuing a refund for overpayment of shipping because we charge actual shipping.  We will continue to charge for actual shipping and we'll continue to issue refunds in cases of overpayment. 

This site will be a no-frills, no nonsense license collector and hobbyist license plate website, where what you see is what you get.  Hailing from St. Louis, the slogan of the State of Missouri is the "Show-Me-State". This site embraces this concept, with no hyped-up sales pitches (how many times have you seen someone increase their prices, then offer it on "sale").  What you will find is low prices with high quality, hard to find, collectible license plates.  Not to mention the actual shipping as noted above. 

From time to time, we may have a sale on overstocked items or on special occasions.  If we place an item or items on sale, this will mean that it is being discounted from the normal, already low price.  Our goal is to help keep license plate collecting affordable and exciting. 

One point that we want to bring to your attention is that you can save a lot of money on shipping by purchasing multiple items. Example: in the U.S., we can fit up to 7 license plates (2 pairs, 3 singles, or a combination) in a flat rate envelope for $10.20 USD.  So if you buy one plate, you may want to consider filling the envelope with 6 more. Another example: in the U.S., if you buy 8 to 50 plates, the price for the flat rate box is $17.10 USD. So, if you have 25 items, you may want to consider adding 35 more licenses plates to fill your box. The shipping is already covered. So, you’re only paying for the license plates!