Are these old license plates real?

Yes, all of our collectible license plates are real, genuine, and authentic.  We only offer license plates that are vintage, used and expired.  We will not and do not offer any reproduction license plates for sale.  Our license plates may be used for a Year of Manufacture or YOM purpose if your State or Province allows for this.  We have folks looking for old automobile, truck, and motorcycle license plates to run on their vintage vehicles all of the time.  We have both old and newer license plates are available from the United StatesCanadaMexicoIsland NationsOther Countries and in Bulk.  You can also easily see all of our license plates.

Are the license plates that are pictured the actual license plate(s) that I will receive?

Yes.  Absolutely.  We picture each license plate or pair of license plates so that you can see what you are buying.  So no matter what you are using these new or antique license plates for, we have you covered.  We supply these to movie studios;  to advertising agencies;  to bars and restaurants;  to teachers for classroom geography classes;  to arts & crafts folks; and even those wanting to decorate their mancave, barn or garage.  And for the owners of classic or vintage cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles, our vintage license plates add the final polishing touch to their rides.  We include a description for each license plate to make your choices easier.

How do you find your license plates, and have so many of them?

We have been in the business of buying, selling, and trading quality old license plates online since 2003.  And we've been collecting these for the last 40 years.  We are constantly adding to the collection that we've built up over time.  And we continue to buy more old license plates.  This enhances the variety of new and graphic design license plate varieties that we offer.  We add new license plates from around the world for sale to our website almost daily.

Your license plates seem to be very affordable.  How can you offer these quality plates at such low prices?

The reason is simple.  It is because we have been buying, selling and trading classic old license plates for years.  We strive to meet the needs of many types of collectors, so you will see our license plates are a bargain.  If you compared our prices to most other websites, you would find that our license plate prices are some of the lowest around.  We are usually cheaper than what you will find on other websites like EBAY because of their high fees.  So no matter what you are looking for, you can search for license plates from the United States for sale, license plates from the U.S. for sale, license plates from the US for sale, license plates from the USA for sale, or license plates from the U.S.A. for sale.  Most would agree that our prices are just downright inexpensive.  They are almost cheap!  

For some States, Countries or Provinces, it seems you have quite a few of the same design available.  Why so many license plates?

We have a wide selection of license plates from around the world for sale in order to meet the diverse needs of a lot of different types of license plate seekers.  Some folks want to buy license plates to display them as a group.  Some buy license plates for arts and crafts.  Others want a specific year or type of license plate to use on a vehicle for a Year of Manufacture or YOM purpose where it is allowed.  Some may even want a specific number license plate, like license plates with repeating digits (000, 111, 222, 333), etc...  So having a large number of license plates available helps our buyers find what they are looking for.  And with our new advanced search bar tool, finding the license plates that you want has never been easier.  Or faster.

What are your payment options?

We accept PayPal which allows you to use either an account balance or a credit card that you may have linked to it;  We accept both Apple Pay and Google Pay;  and we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover which is processed by Shift4, one of the World's largest internet payment processors.  No matter what payment method you choose, your personal information is secure.  We don't keep, sell, or collect this information.

Can we trust buying from your website?

This is a great question.  What everyone should look for when making a decision about making a purchase of old license plates is simple.  Look for our variety of license plates and our everyday low prices;  look at our sterling reputation by seeing our customer reviews that span over 11 years;  and look at our blog;  our Facebook or Google business page;  you can find us on Pinterest, on Tumblr, on Reddit;  on Instagram;  on LinkedIn... we are even on Twitter.  We make keeping our customers happy our top priority.

Are you on other platforms?  EBAY?

We've been selling on EBAY since 2003, and selling collectible and vintage old license plates from our current EBAY store since 2008.  If you purchase license plates from both websites, we can save you money on shipping costs.  Simply let us know and we'll combine the license plates that you bought into one package for you.  Our license plates are delivered lightning fast, with help from the USPS and priority mail.  You can also see our items on ETSY!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes!  Just like we have license plates from around the world for sale, we also ship to anywhere in the world.  We use priority mail that includes tracking numbers for your package using the United States Postal Service.  With our new and enhanced website, buying old, used and expired license plates from ShopLicensePlates has never been easier.

Do you buy license plates?

Who buys old license plates?  We do!  We get this question quite often, and we buy license plates of all kinds.  We buy a wide variety of car, truck, motorcycle, farm, trailer, semi, apportioned, Veteran, National Guard, and dealer license plates all the time.  If you think we may be interested in license plates you may have, please contact us and send us pictures.  We have a keen interest in adding Honorary Consular, Official and Diplomat license plates to our permanent collection.