Individuals collect license plates for a variety of reasons. Let’s face it, license plates represent many different things: points-in-time, locations (first homes), special occasions (birthdays and anniversaries) and so much more. 

Certain collectors may have specific wants and needs. For example, someone may want a plate from a special place or a specific time period.  That said, all collectors have something in common. They are looking for a quality site from which to buy their plates.

Identifying a reputable seller is important. Buyers need to be assured that what they are purchasing is high quality. and that the plate they see online is the actual one they will receive. 

A quality license plate seller offers:

A Variety of Plates

Finding a site with an extensive inventory is like striking gold for a license plate collector.  Imagine the joy of seeing so many plates in one place including

  • License plates from a broad range of locations (countries, states, cities and towns)

  • Vintage plates that were some of the first to be issued in specific areas

  • Multi-vehicle plates including those from motorcycles, trucks and even trailers.

  • Special plates like firefighter plates as well as those from the armed services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard).

Quality Counts

The seller should demonstrate that the plate a clients views online and orders is the exact plate that individual will receive.  It is important to research the reputations from whom you buy.

Multiple Payment Options

A reputable seller will offer multiple ways to make a purchase.  Major credit cards should be accepted, we use Square to process our online credit card payments.  Additionally, they may offer other means of payment including PayPal or even AmazonPay.

Buying Services

Let’s face it - a license plate seller needs to acquire an inventory.  It would be silly to not take advantage of the opportunity to purchase plates from their clients - particularly if those plates help expand their inventory either by acquiring greater numbers of popular plates or enhancing their offerings with something vintage and exciting.

When looking to purchase license plates it is clearly important to find a seller who can check each of the above boxes.  You want to work with someone who understands your wants and needs, who has a reputation for high quality products and services and who shares your enthusiasm for license plates. At, we are that company! has a proven history as a reputable supplier of quality license plates to collectors and enthusiasts in the United States and world wide. Their extensive inventory and commitment to high quality customer services has made them the go-to site for clients around the world..  Visit our site, take a look at our awesome inventory and contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to becoming an integral partner as you build and manage your license plate collection.

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