Why Shop License Plates?

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One of the reasons why Shop License Plates is the best place for collectors to buy antique license plates is our vast selection of plates. We have a wide variety of license plates from all 50 states, including rare and hard-to-find plates. We have apportioned, automobile, bicentennial, bus, camper, dealer, disabled, exempt, farm, motor carrier, motorcycle, municipal, prorate, semi, state owned, taxi, trailer, tow truck, transporter, truck, university, vanity and veteran license plates to name just a few. Whether you are a collector looking for a specific year, state, or type of plate, you are sure to find it at Shop License Plates. 

Shop License Plates is your license plate superstore! We are an online warehouse of license plates, with over 30,000 license plates in stock and available right now for purchase. In addition, we have an easy search bar tool on the top right side of our website to help you quickly find the license plates you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a 1968 pair of Illinois license plates to run on your old Chevy under the Illinois Year of Manufacture law, you would find not just one but 66 license plate pairs to select from! Many customers enjoy browsing our license plate categories just to see all of the ranges of years and types of license plates that we carry in stock to reflect on the history of the uses of license plates over time. 

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The reasons for collecting license plates are vast. Some collect for their aesthetic value, as some license plates can be considered unique works of art with intricate designs and colorful patterns. Some focus on themes like license plates from a region or era, or for a birth year run. Others collect historically significant license plates that provide a glimpse into a bygone era, used materials like porcelain, or were handmade by the owner of the vehicle. Alternatively, maybe you are looking to run and old license plate on your vehicle in a State that allows the use of YOM or Year of Manufacture license plate. 

In conclusion, Shop License Plates is the best place for collectors to buy old, vintage, and antique license plates. We offer a wide selection of plates from all 50 states, with a commitment to quality and competitive prices. We also provide detailed photos and descriptions, and an active involvement in the license plate collecting community. We have a long history both in the niche of old license plate collecting and with having thousands of satisfied customers. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting out, Shop License Plates is your destination to find the perfect addition to your collection.