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Illinois Bulk 1968
Illinois Bulk 1968 - 26 available

Illinois Bulk 1968

Illinois Bulk 1968
Part Number: BULK61830
Availability: In Stock.
CLICK ON THIS ITEM TO ORDER from our Bulk Lot of Illinois Bulk Lot license plates 1968 - 26 are available. These are a white license plate with red numbers and it has the Land of Lincoln slogan on the top of the license plate. This is the Sesquicentennial 150 years issue, 1818 to 1968. These are in good condition and are washed/cleaned and ready for display. The license plate that you will receive will look like this one but the number on the license plate will be different.

TO BUY MULTIPLE LICENSE PLATES: In the box that asks for quantity, this is where you can enter the number of license plates that you would like to receive. When you have selected the number that you would like to order, click on the Add to Cart and you can continue with your order. These are AWESOME for arts, crafts, and other projects or just for adding a splash of color. Looking for something else? Don't miss our other Real, Used and Expired license plates for sale, available right now!