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License Plates For Sale - Authentic, Old, Real, & Vanity Plates

Collectible American, Canadian, Mexican, World, & Bulk License Plates For Sale

ShopLicensePlates is your trusted source and Purveyor when you want to find Old, Vintage, and Graphic Design License Plates for all kinds of vehicles. These are from cars or automobiles, trucks, trailers, dealers, transporters, semis, motorcycles, national guard, and other government issued types.

You'll see all kinds of license plates available for sale online now. From the early 1900's to modern day graphic designs, old dashboard discs, first-year issue license plates, hard to find types, pairs of license plates, manufacturer plates, and more.
Old License Plates for sale from the United States, CanadaIsland NationsMexico and other countries.
Easily find exactly what your collection has been missing on a no-frills, no-nonsense collector and hobbyist license plate website. 
Buy license plates in bulk for arts & crafts or go through our whole collection of plates here.
Shop License Plates!

Featured Products

2015 Michigan Splendor Vanity graphic # CTCOLES
In Stock.
1938 New York World's Fair # 2R42-73
Out of Stock.
1982 or 1984 California blue pair # BOX EM
In Stock.
1991 Kentucky Handicapped Veteran # HV2-974
In Stock.
1927 Missouri pair # 47-521
In Stock.
1975 Okinawa # AR 630
Out of Stock.
2004 Kansas National Guard graphic # 29800
In Stock.
1980 Alaska Bear graphic # APK-568
Out of Stock.