Where Can I Buy The Best Used License Plates?

Where Can I Buy The Best Used License Plates?

“Where can I buy the best used license plates?” If you are a collector of antique license plates, this is a question you may have heard, or perhaps even asked of others.  After all, you are likely always looking for something special to add to your collection.

This question is important. True collectors want to work with reputable suppliers. There are a number of things that are critical when looking for collectible plates.

You want to be assured that your source is reliable.

Many organizations sell collectible plates online. In fact, they may even display their inventory on their websites. You want to do business with someone whose site accurately reflects their inventory.

Nothing is more frustrating than finally finding a much desired addition to your collection on a vendor’s website, and learning that plate isn’t available. 

You want to be confident that the pricing is fair.

Old license plates and antique license plates are collectors' items.  And they have a monetary as well as a personal value. For example, the automobile license plates from the year and state where your parents were married may be priceless to you. 

However, its monetary value is determined by the market. Clearly, if it’s a rare license plate it will be more expensive. You want to work with a seller who prices his or her inventory fairly.

You want to associate with someone who is honest. 

Many dealers charge a shipping and handling fee on top of their sale price. Clearly, as the purchaser, shipping is a reasonable expense to cover.  However, handling is often a “catch-all” where retailers try to recap sales monies lost on plates up for bid that may have sold at prices lower than expected. 

Work With Shoplicenseplates.com

At Shoplicenseplates.com we pride ourselves on being a valuable member of the used license plate community. We understand  the significance of certain plates to certain people. And, we appreciate the opportunity to help you find the collectible license plates you need to expand your collection.

We love the historical aspect of license plates and all that they represent. We are proud of our reputation for being able to locate rare plates. Our inventory is accurately represented on our site and our prices are reasonable and fair. Finally, shipping is charged at cost and we do NOT assess handling fees. 

If you are a historic or antique license plate collector, check out our site and see all the license plates for sale. We look forward to working with you and helping you build your collection.