Historic Missouri City License Plates

In depth details and information about Historic Missouri City license plates from the turn of the 20th Century can be found on our non-profit website MOCITYPLATES.ORG
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KSDK Channel 5 St. Louis News Anchors Like ShopLicensePlates

KSDK Channel 5 St. Louis News Anchors Christina Coleman, Ryan Dean, and PJ Randhawa like ShopLicensePlates.  They are pictured here signing the ShopLicensePlates.com "mascot" license plate.  Hats off to the professional and dedicated news crew at KSDK Channel 5 in St. Louis.

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Earth Day 2018 - Confluence Academy Campus Renewal

Confluence Academy’s South City location serves students from grades 3 through 8.  Directly behind the Academy is Providence Place, a street with 7 homes that adjoins the back side of the entire length of the building.  The entire block along Providence Place had a "double row" of sidewalks that were old and cracked.  


There was also an original old 35 foot long driveway that had settled over the years.  Patches from years ago had worn and also needed repair or replacement.  In the “old days”, the drive was used to access a grease dumpster which was located there.  Pumps in the kitchen of the School would send the old grease through a series of pipes which dumped into this container.


Rather than replace the sidewalks that were cracked, and to replace or re-patch the old driveway, a “green solution” was called for.  One row of the "double row" of sidewalks was removed entirely.  Sidewalk areas that were in need of replacement were replaced.  The old driveway was removed entirely and the curb was replaced.  


Collaborators include:  Confluence Academy South City Campus, the building occupant;   St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, the owner of the property; Residents on Providence Place; St. Louis City Alderwoman Cara Spencer; and Holloran Contracting who did the sidewalk removal and replacement.  


The project included:  removal of 325 feet of concrete sidewalk and driveway, which is an entire City block; placement of 20,000 lbs of topsoil;  replacement of 35 feet of sidewalk area and curb where the driveway used to be;  and 2 truckloads of mulch.  20 trees will be planted in Spring 2018, which will create a “boulevard” or “canopy” of trees for those walking on the sidewalk.  The City of St. Louis has this included as a featured project for sustainability, and the Confluence Academy has done an article about it as well.  The latest update on this initiative is here.


Terry Hammer, the owner of St. Louis-based ShopLicensePlates.com, provided the funding for this project and will handle the ongoing maintenance and planting that will be needed.

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ShopLicensePlates.com goes Hollywood

Movie Production Companies are turning to ShopLicensePlates.com to furnish real, genuine license plates.  Actor Josh Hutcherson, highly acclaimed for his role in Hunger Games, is pictured here holding a license plate that is being used in the upcoming thriller movie "Burn".  The use of old license plates has increased as HD technology has shown the use of real license plates enhances the movie experience.  The use of "prop plates" that worked with old camera technology isn't compatible with HD cameras.


Actor Josh Hutcherson's profile is here:  https://www.facebook.com/JoshHutchersonFans/
More about the movie Burn is here:  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8009314/
Cannes first look at the movie Burn:  https://www.imdb.com/news/ni62043182
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